Have you received an e-mail from HM Revenue & Customs recently, telling you that they owe you £1578.25? I did.


Yes, it’s rather late to be putting up a post about last year’s Extravaganza, but I think it’s important that people know that this event has gone from strength to strength. On December 2nd over 3500 residents and visitors attended our Extravaganza. We checked everyone coming into the event using modern clicker technology. People were clicked into the main road closure area, but not out. This may not be totally accurate, but it was definitely our best year to date.

I can tell you now that preparations are already underway for Extravaganza 2012, and we’ll keep you up to date as things happen.


Great news!
The “Anonymous Travelling Market” (www.theatm.co.uk) will be filling up our High Street on December 2nd. They bring a street load (circa 25) of stalls to the party, offering crafts and foods to all who attend.
The Anonymous Travelling Market





We also have Father Christmas at the bottom of town, and face painting for the little ones.

If you are feeling adventurous why not try our Climbing Wall brought to the Extravaganza by “Ready2Climb” (www.ready2climb.co.uk) at the top end of the High Street.
Wincanton's own Climbing Wall




If you don’t like heights, have fun in the Bouncy Castle brought to Wincanton by Happy Bouncers (www.happy-bouncers.co.uk).
Our local Bouncy Castle Hire experts
For 2011 The Wincanton Christmas Extravaganza will have something for almost everyone. Come and see for yourself. It’s a free event sponsored by local businesses and WBT. Even better, parking is free. First come, first served.


October is nearly gone. The plans have been made, and our annual Christmas Extravaganza will take place on Friday 2nd December 2011. As before we will have late night shopping with the bonus of fun and entertainment. This year The Extravaganza will be bigger and better than ever. Watch out for regular updates.

It’s not too late for you to take part. If you are a High Street Trader you can still sign up to open on the evening for late night shopping. If you are a local charity or organisation you still have time to sign up and take part. We are delighted to invite all local organiosations to take part and where appropriate collect donations towards their causes. We only have one rule. You must do something positive to add to the flavour of the evening. We don’t want people simply standing around with donation buckets. Please add to the entertainment of the evening and justify your place. If you have any questions contact us and we will assist.

Contact us today and register your interest. If you are quick you may still be in time to have a sponsored advert in the programme.


This site is all about encouraging new and existing businesses in our community. If our business community is healthy, our community benefits. How do we define “Our Business Community”? Well, our Business community is comprised of several distinct business sectors:

  • High Street, including all shops, service and professional businesses.
  • Industrial/Trading Estates sited on the edge of town.
  • Rural Businesses including farmers and all village/hamlet based business units.
  • Home Based Businesses. The unseen businesses who work from home.

So, if you fall into any of these  business categories we would like to hear from you. We want to get to know our Business Community. What are  the issues that concern you. If we know your concerns we can work with you to try and find the right solutions. So join with us and help us make this site, and our Business Community successful.

WBT works very closely with our Town and District Councils. Both organisations bring valuable insight and resources to the table. We are also members of The Somerset Chamber of Commerce, giving us access to regional and national business information and services.